Apostrophe is a content management system designed for maximum flexibility with a minimal learning curve.

The interface is ergonomic. All content editing is performed in context.

And it's open source, so you can contribute.

Apostrophe 2

Powered by JavaScript and node.js, Apostrophe 2 is our latest version. Content creators and developers alike can benefit from the remarkable performance of node applications. Since developers already know JavaScript, it's accessible to newcomers. Though a work in progress, A2 is in production use today on websites like the Delaware River Waterfront.

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Apostrophe 1.5

Built on Symfony 1.4 and PHP, Apostrophe 1.5 is a stable and mature content management system that delivers a user-friendly experience and a robust set of tools for developers. Great A1.5 sites include PlanPhilly.

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Not a developer? Just want a website? Check out apostrophenow.com. You can make a site in seconds without downloading, installing or coding anything at all! Powered by Apostrophe 1.5.